Top 10 Ways To Use Coconut Oil


Once I got my hands on some coconut oil a few years ago, I just couldn’t stop.  I come across more and more ways to use it every day.  Here are my top 10 ways it can be used in the home.

1.     MOISTURISER – Forget about expensive creams for your skin.  Coconut oil is amazing as a moisturizer, especially if you have sensitive skin.  It’s great on eczema and psoriasis.

2.     COOKING– My favorite things to cook with coconut oil are popcorn, scrambled eggs, schnitzel, and pancakes.  Coconut oil has a high burning temperature so it doesn’t oxidize and become a trans-fat as you cook it (as long as you don’t burn it).

3.     LUBRICANT – Yes, a lubricant.  The best thing to use in the bedroom.  It is perfectly safe and has anti-fungal properties which can help to prevent thrush.  It’s also completely natural and has no added chemicals, unlike many other lubricants.

4.     MAKE-UP REMOVER – A great way to remove make-up and moisturize your skin at the same time.  Take care not to get it in your eyes.

5.     TEETH AND GUMS – Coconut oil has antibacterial properties that can help prevent tooth decay.  It can be used as a toothpaste when combined with equal parts of baking soda.

6.     PARASITES – Coconut oil contains medium-chain-fatty-acids that kill parasites such as intestinal worms, lice, and giardia.

7.     SUN PROTECTION – Coconut oil is not as effective as sunscreen for blocking out UV rays, but unlike sunscreen, it does not block the skin from absorbing Vitamin D from the sun, while still offering some protection.  It protects the skin from the free-radical damage which can be caused by the sun.

8.     HAIR – For a deep conditioning treatment, look no further.  Coconut oil is also great for your scalp so massage it all over.  It may need 2 or 3 washes with shampoo to get all the oil out when you’re done.

9.     WOOD POLISH – Shine and condition your furniture with coconut oil to give it a great shine and remove old dirt.

10.   UTI’s – Every girl’s worst enemy…..and yes, coconut oil can help.

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